Subscription Pricing

  • Semiannually
  • Annually
per Semiannual
  • No. of Series (max.) : 1
  • No. of Product Line (max.) : 1 set
  • No. of Web options (max.) : 4
  • Max. Color Options : Up to 6
  • Personalization types (max.) : Name and Logo
per Semiannual
  • No. of Series (max.) : 2
  • No. of Product Line (max.) : 1 line per price point
  • No. of Web options (max.) : 8
  • Max. Color Options : up to 10
  • Personalization types (max.) : Name, Flag(national) and Logo
per Semiannual
  • No. of Series (max.) : : 4
  • No. of Product Line (max.) : 2
  • No. of Web options (max.) : 12
  • Max. Color Options : All
  • Personalization types (max.) : Name, Flag and Logo

frequently asked questions

Custom Mission is a customizer plugin that can attach to any Shopify site. This plugin enables the site owner to offer custom features to the products on his site. He can let his customer mix and match colors, add a personalized name, phrase and logo (subject to size limitation of the product).

Website owner can choose between annual or semi-amual subscription and with a few required set-ups, the customizer can be easily utilized on the site.
  • Subscriber Dashboard
  • Product setup
Currently, only sites on Shopify platform are supported.
  • A website on Shopify platform.
  • PayPal account
  • Custom mission plugin currently works on with PayPal only.
  • Custom mission plugin will appear as blank on the shopify website.
  • Yes, depending on the number of option your plan has you can change what will show up in the product builder.
  • You may view this link for instruction on website setup.
  • Request on images can be done before subscribing. We will setup a plan specific to your brand.

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